Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 22- Innisfail

Quiet housekeeping day today. Went into town for a stroll through the markets. Got some super cheap and super tasty local bananas and avocados. Jordy played in the playground for ages. We finally found a map of Australia to stick on the wall to trace our progress on it so Jordy can see where we are- we really have come a long way :)

Went for a short drive out to Flying Fish Point (just 5 or 6km up the road). Would be hell to live there! Right on the coast with the beautiful curving bay of ocean...... and you can't swim cos of the crocs!

I had a nanna-nap at lunchtime with Jordy. We both needed it :) Then time to mop the floors and fold laundry.

Mum and Dad came over this afternoon for a swim and a BBQ. Darcy loved the waterjet in the pool! Tim and Dad sorted out their fishing gear looking forward to Tinaroo. I had a browse online at a few places to see tomorrow and next week. And now it's time for bed.

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