Saturday, February 7, 2009

Emu Plains

We left home at lunchtime Thursday and headed to Emu Plains, Nepean River Caravan Park (see our review). Trip not too bad. We generally plan to limit our travel to 3+half hours a day and this was a much bigger trip, well over 6 hours including a play break, so Darcy was getting tired and cross by the end of it. And holy crap how hot is Sydney at the moment!!! Bleugh.

Decided to have a shower to freshen up. The park has some water-wise sensor showers that have a 5min limit and a preset temperature. The temperature was way WAY hotter than I would normally have it and although 5min would usually be fine not so much when showering a baby at the same time and washing your hair. I just leaned back into the water to rinse the conditioner and the water shut off. I had to sit on our bathmat on the shower floor and breastfeed Darcy while I waited for the timer to click over so I could rinse. I then had another full 5min of super hot water when I only needed 30seconds. So not really environmentally friendly at all in the end.

But with the kids sleeping in the car there was no way they would sleep when we arrived so Nardia came out to us and we went to O’Donoghues for dinner (our review). The caravan park gave us a ‘buy one get one free’ meal voucher which was great value. Nice pub. The kids totally full of energy and did not fall asleep until 10:30.

Up early on Friday. Lots to do in at Penrith. Got some bike chains to lock up the weber BBQ and our bikes. Wanted to sort out our Next G internet but the idiots at the Telstra shop essentially said take this CD home and run it and off you go. In order to transfer to our new package they cancelled our existing wireless account. Fine. Except the new one does not work! Idiots. Only works if you have a Telstra home phone (don’t have a home phone) or Telstra mobile and even though we plan to get one Telstra mobile we don’t have it yet. So half an hour on the phone to the “help” line only to confirm what I already knew…. That they are IDIOTS! They managed to cancel our existing account just fine though so we have no internet at all.

Did I mention that it was hot? 42- 43’C on Friday. Spent the afternoon in the pool and then had a later BBQ dinner.

Drove into the city today for the Top Gear Live show. Lots of cars and stuff to look at on display. The little bits of the show that I saw looked like it would have been a great show. Good stunts and rather funny. But they had massively loud scary fireworks the BOOMED and scared the crap out of both Darcy and Jordy. They freaked. So Tim and I had to leave.

Back into the pool to cool off (44’C today if you can believe it) and then back to O’Donoghues for happy hour and an early dinner.
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