Friday, March 20, 2009

Crystal Creek NP review

Big Crystal Creek, Paluma NP.
Stayed 2 nights. Standard Qld NP charges of $4.35 per person which is great value for such a beautiful camp site.

The road in is a little pot-holey but not much of an issue. And it is incredibly only about 5km off the highway even though it feels like you are miles away. There is no mobile phone reception for either Optus or Telstra Next G.

Lots of trees and a decent amount of grass. Lots of big ants though and it was flying bug city! LOL! But the mortein coils kept the bugs away from camp just fine.

There are a heap of little bays and nooks for each van with a lot of them having a picnic table or a water tap. The water is not drinkable so it's just for washing etc.

The toilets and cold showers are at one end of the camping area and while they are not flash they are pretty good for a national park and much better than the standard we are used to in NSW parks.

There is also a large day use area with free BBQs.

The creek is glorious and the scenery and bushwalks in the area are lovely.

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