Saturday, January 31, 2009

new water tanks

Here are the new stainless steel water tanks. They look pretty good i think. Because the old plastic ones were shaped a little and more rounded we actually fit a lot more water in these ones so that's an added bonus. We had the two of them made for under $950.

We're in the process of getting our wireless broadband sorted out. Telstra Next G obvioulsy as no one has has coverage in the centre. And we need to change one of our mobiles over to Telstra too. We'll keep the other with Optus to increase our chances of getting a signal from someone everywhere we are.

Tim has set up some great tracks along the top of the truck and a winch so he can get the boat up on top by himself. Not easy, but do-able. He also came home the other day with a couple of steel rods to use as legs... looks pretty clever! I'll get a photo of that next time he's playing with it.

I keep remembering at odd times of the day that we never heard back from the caravan insurance people in Perth that i liked the sound of.... must get that organised! We have basic cover at the moment but i want something more suited to people LIVING in their caravan.