Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 18- Mackay to Bowen

i know Tim finished his CRAP review but it's not on the blog... i think he must have had trouble uploading it so i'll check on that in the morning. Early night for us tonight. Tim is already in bed asleep and i am not long up myself.

I'll do today's update tomorrow but we are in a nice van park near the beach. Our plans have changed again and instead of waiting here for Mum and Dad (who have headed up to Innisfail) and going across to Charters Towers this weekend i think we are now heading up the coast further. We don't need to be at Litchfield until first week of May so that gives us a week longer than we thought so we should have time to do Atherton after all. yay!!!

good night.


Made decent time to Bowen. We got away surprisingly early seeing as Mum and Dad had already left and we had the kids to watch as we packed up, but they played happily around the camp so it went smoothly. Finding a caravan park in Bowen was not so smooth! I had heard about a free camp just south of Bowen but it was just a place one bloke mentioned in an old thread on a forum with rather vague directions. We gave it a go! Turning off the highway onto a dirt track that looked like it might head towards a river. We were optimistic at the first turn when we could see the beautiful azure blue water of the bay… but then the road narrowed and the bush turned scrubby and we reached a dead-end at a person’s property. So we had to reverse all the way back to a small driveway and Tim performed a miracle six point turn and we high tailed it back to the main road and a caravan park.

A proper park should have made things easy but we tried two that looked nice but had sites that were too small or too tight for our rig to enter. Then a third that we would have fitted in fine but it was just a basic park and they wanted $32 cos they charged for the kids!! No where we have gone to has charged for kids under 3. So we tried lucky camp number 5! Yay!! Right near the beach with a good pool and massive kids playground across the park. Big shady site for $25. Also RIGHT on the golf course for those that like golf (made for a nice view and some privacy for us).
So while the driving all over town was getting a little old it gave us a chance to see the coastline which is really very beautiful. Amazing blue water after the slightly grey-blue at Mackay.

The kids had a big play in the playground then we set up camp. Just a basic unpack as we are only staying one night. Then a much anticipated swim in the pool. We met another family that have traveled a lot but are now in Bowen working for a while. Then we went down to the beach for a look. The kids had a splash in the waves (water was soooo warm!). There was a stinger net just 100M down from us but we had it on good authority that we would be fine in the shallows. Fingers crossed!

Super simple and yummy dinner of chicken and vegetable stirfry and an early night for all.

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