Thursday, June 11, 2009

week 15

I have done a non-travel related update on the original blog with what the kids are up to... And here’s a few photos of the boys from this week (and one from our camp from Darwin last week).

Us feeding the pigs at the community college down the road (we keep all the food scraps from the café for them so they eat REALLY well!). Darcy wants to touch them so badly but then freaks out when they snort or squeal at him. Jordy just thinks they are like pet dogs.

Jordy working on the new toilet block and doing some building work. Darcy helping (not) with the sprinklers.

Wangi Falls swimming hole opened this week and so we took the kids for an early morning swim. The water was beautiful, a little coolish but still really nice. The water is crystal clear and the swimming hole has a great sand bank in the middle where it’s shallow enough for Jordy to walk. I’ll get some better photos soon cos I can’t wait to get a chance to take them back later in the day when it’s a bit warmer.

Oh, last night!! I think winter arrived. The weather has been odd here (like it sounds like it has been everywhere else in the country at the moment) but it will look like it might be cooling down only to then get really hot and muggy almost Wet Season weather again. But it went from needing the air con on overnight the night before to being super cold last night. We were all snuggled under our blankets and I wished someone would get up and shut the door but it was too bloody cold and I was not getting out of bed. We put jumpers on when we got up but by 9am I think it was close to 30’ again. I know it’s mid thirties out there again now. I was thinking just last week that I wish the nights would cool down but I take it all back now. I don’t miss winter at all.