Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 21- Crystal Creek to Innisfail

A couple in a campervan with three young girls must have arrived late overnight and Jordy was all excited to see 'kids!'. They all spent the morning drawing in the dirt, looking at beetles, and wandering around the place while Tim and i packed up our camp.

On the road at 10:30 for the couple of hours drive to Innisfail. Drove through Ingham and Cardwell which are both nice looking little towns. Cardwell's main street runs RIGHT along the ocean and it looks lovely. Not sure if there are crocs in the water there or not though. Probably. All the rivers we pass now have warning signs for them.

Although there are some really nice looking free camps around Innisfail, at Henrietta Creek and Babinda, we decided to stay in a van park for a few days. We need to recharge our power cos we are going to Lake Tinaroo for several days for our next stop, and we have lots of washing and cleaning to do! So we stopped at the Mango Big 4. We are the only people in the park! It's certainly not tourist season, LOL!

I took both boys for a swim in the pool as soon as we arrived. I could not find the sunscreen so it was just a quick swim! But it gave Tim a chance to set up without the boys in the road and he was hot and grouchy so it mide life easier for everyone - hopefully Tim won't read this entry! if you are reading, Tim, then i mean grouchy in the most wonderful way :)

There is a Denghe Fever outbreak in Innisfail at the moment so we are being careful with keeping bug spray on us and citronella on the kids. But i have not seen a single mozzie at the van park here so it's all good. And there is talk of another cyclone forming at the moment but the locals don't think it will amount to anything.

A quick trip into town to grab some groceries. Then home just in time for Tim to log onto MSN for our Lionsonoz monthy meeting while i cooked dinner- beef stroganoff and pasta. Darcy had fallen asleep in the truck on the way to do the shopping so he was up until 9:30. ergh! I tried to put him to bed at 7:30 but i nearly fell asleep while he jumped and horsed around on the bed so i gave up and watched the footy instead. It's the first game i have managed to catch this season so it was nice to just relax for a couple of hours.

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