Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 16- Mackay

Jordy was up early this morning so Tim took him down to the beach. I stayed in bed! Apparently there were little crabs everywhere and they played and chased them for ages. Tim caught a couple to let Jordy hold them. He wanted to take one back to Mum and Dad and show them so he carefully cupped his hands together and carried it ever so gently the whole way back to their van.... he excitedly told them what he had and opened his hands .... and there was nothing there! Poor man was devastated. I am hoping he can try again tonight.

After breakfast we headed into town to the Mackay town centre markets. Not much to see but we grabbed some fruit and some yummy looking apricot slice. There was actually a massive looking market at the Mt Pleasant shopping centre that we saw on the way home but too late.

Then we went to Bluewater Lagoon. It's an amazing free council-run water park. There is usually a big climbing play castle with a bucket at the top that fills and empties onto your heads but that section was closed (massive bummer cos it looked great) but Jordy and i went on the water slide four times and he would have gone again and again but it was a really hot day and i thought he'd had enough sun.

Darcy splashed and swam for ages. One of the lagoons is really shallow so it's great for the little kids. And it's not at all crowded though i imagine in tourist season it would be packed.

Went to call into Woolies to get some bread and milk but they are closed on a Sunday! Surprising cos Mackay is a big town but i think everywhere should be closed on a Sunday anyway. Spent a couple of hours doing house work and laundry while Tim re-arranged the back of the truck and Jordy had a much needed nap. He is exhausted with so much going on.

Then i helped mum with her blog. The boys are just down at the beach catching crabs :) so i might follow them with the camera and see what they are up to.

updated... the crabs win, but Jordy had a great time. We lazed around on the little headland here at the park and just watched the water for a while. The beach here is lovely. Even though there are other people out for a walk it feels like you have the whole place to yourself. The sand is a little grey though so Darcy gets in such a mess.

We met another couple, David and Lyn, at the park that are from just outside of Darwin and have spent a lot of time at Litchfield and they are convinced that once we get there we will never want to leave :) Was great to chat to them. They travel about 6months out of the year and are just on their way home at the moment. They said they may even call out to Litchfield in a few months to say hello again.

We were planning to cook something from Nardia's cookbook for dinner but there was no spinach at the market. So we had a really easy dinner of leftover risotto and bludged a couple of sausages off Mum and Dad. Then i made a chocolate pudding in the microwave for dessert. The kids were up a bit later tonight cos they good naps. I went to bed not long after they did and Tim fell asleep in front of his laptop. :)

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  1. Awww, poor Jordy, I can just imagine him doing that. Hope he has better luck tonight.
    Whats the link for your mum's blog so I can have a look?