Thursday, June 4, 2009

week 14

i think it is week 14?? i'll check later.

Jordy and Darcy had a great afternoon at the cafe the other day. We had about 30 Chinese people in for a late lunch. I think it was a big extended family with kids, teenagers, young couples, older couples.... a whole big bunch of people. And they went crazy with the boys :)

Tim and Lisa were flat out in the kitchen (everyone else had the day off and was in Darwin) so i was trying to clear tables for them and the boys were just walking around following me and playing with some lego and all of a sudden Darcy is being carried around and goo'ed over and all the kids have swarmed Jordy and are running and playing. In the end the boys were passed around, photographed, hugged by everyone, fed ice-creams!! and just generally made a fuss of. Jordy actually cried when they left (god love him). It was so funny to watch. But it was handy cos i got heaps of work done.

The snakes are still out and about. Tim and Jordy encountered one in the toilet the other day. Neither had shoes on cos they were just going over there first thing in the morning. I think it gave him a bit of a fright to be confronted with a hissing rearing snake while he had his hands full keeping Jordy up off the ground. He couldn't even chase it anywhere without kicking-boots and had nothing to kill it with. So now even early morning pee stops need shoes.

The boys both love helping me do the gardening. Darcy is now totally obsessed with sprinklers and heads for them at every opportunity and trys to drag them around. He ends up soaking wet every time. Luckily we dry off super fast in the heat.

Here is Julian (and Dad) burning off. This is the local fire tanker.

Here is Darcy chewing on his 1st Birthday card from Nanny and Poppy that came in our mail bundle.

This is an older one that i forgot to include in a blog post - doing some drawings

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

seeing the sights in Litchfield

Had a quick walk through the termite mounds the other day. Bloody huge tall things they are.

And i foolishly decided to head to Wangi with the boys to find a geocache that is there. I just thought it would be a quick early morning walk as i expected it to be in the main touristy area and so nice and easy. So i just stuck Darcy in the pram and Jordy was just wearing his crocs instead of his sneakers.

We got down to the main water hole and the GPS said the cache was about 300m away. So we wandered down to the next viewing platform... GPS still said about 300m away.... so i figured we'd just wander up the track a bit and have a look... anyway, long story short here is Jordy having a rest in the tree house half way up the mountain.

And the view from the top of the waterfall. Yep, we actually walked the whole way around the side of the swimming hole and up, up, up, up to the top of the range where the falls start. And of course you could not take a pram up the steep track so i carried Darcy the whole way and Jordy, the champion, climbed like a billy goat loving every minute.

For the record we did not get to the cache. But now that i know where it is i will go better prepared (and alone) next time! Although Jordy has asked to go back to the treehouse... so maybe i will just leave Darcy at home.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

a photo update

more to come tomorrow if i can get online...