Thursday, July 30, 2009

Week 22- Wallabies and Waterholes

Tim headed back to the east coast for a few days this week. Nothing much special happened for the boys and I! LOL! Although I did manage to catch up with some fellow travelers whose blog I have been following since they left home around Christmas time. They stayed out at the café for the night and it was great to catch up after following their journey. I was hoping to be able to sit down for a beer and really have a good chat about what they have seen but timing was against us and Tim missed out on meeting them altogether which was a shame.

You’d think that with the number of wallabies we see every day I would have had a gazillion good photos of them…. But, no. They are hard to catch! Especially the cute little wallabies that have their breakfast right out behind our van I really want to get a photo of. Anyway, I managed these the other day before he jumped off. For some reason Darcy can walk towards them squealing and signing ‘kangaroo’ and shouting Roo Roo at the top of his lungs and they just watch him but I come out with the camera and they are off!

Things have heated up again so we have been trying to get out for a swim when we can. I’d like to head back to Buley Rockpools one day but with the crowds of tourists I don’t think it would be worth it unless we could get out there REALLY early. But Wangi is big enough that everyone can spread out a bit and if we leave it until 4pm it’s not too bad. Jordy wants to climb the rock face, where the waterfall is, up to the little spa hole up there and he keeps trying to scale the slippery sides. I am not so keen! Actually, if he was not watching I would give it a go for sure but I am not too fussed on the idea of having to watch him up there.

But Walkers Creek is still my favourite. For some reason it is off the tourist trail (being a whole 15km extra past Wangi) so it just does not get the crowds, and no buses go out there which is even better. Most of the time when we go we get the whole place to ourselves. I guess it helps that there are several separate swimming holes along the walking trail and virtually noone that comes to have a look will stop at the first one (too many more to see!) so the boys can splash and chase fish and Jordy can touch bottom in the top section so it’s a lovely peaceful swim. We are all in wind-up mode here and looking forward to moving on- less than four weeks to go! We’ll still be seeing The Alice and Uluru etc but looks like it’s back home again once we hit the road east from SA. I have loved traveling (the travel side more than the stopping and working side! LOL!) and would have liked the boys to have seen more and been a little older before we stopped. But it does not have to be stopped forever and I am hoping that I can plan shorter trips away with Mum and Dad over the next couple of years so that I get to see more of SA and VIC… WA might need to wait until I can afford a longer jaunt. And I know Tim is keen to head back this way again.

But as sad as I am to have to cut our journey short I will admit that I am looking forward to catching up with family and friends back home again.