Sunday, April 12, 2009

Riverside Caravan Park review

Riverside and Copper City Caravan Park, Mount Isa.
Stayed four nights. $26 a night. There are quite a few van parks to choose from in the Isa, none of them all that special but i think this was the pick of them. I'd probably stay there again.
Overall- 3 stars.

Location- 6/10. I think there is one van park that is closer to town than this but it does not have an internet hotspot, all the other parks are further from the centre of town. Nothing else exciting about the lcoation but nothing wrong with it either.

Sites- 7/10. Lots of drive through sites and most with a bit of shade. We were lucky and got to camp on a large grassy area instead of the regular van spots with slabs so i think that made it nicer for us.

Bathrooms- 3/10. The actual facilities were the usual stuff and would rate as average... but the fact that the cleaner was in there on Wednesday and even though we stayed until Saturday we never saw her come back through. There was bits of torn up paper on the floor and spilt stuff on the vanity counter that was just never cleaned and i have to admit i prefer a bathroom to be at least spot cleaned each day???

Laundry- 5/10. Regular laundry facilities, $3 a load. Bit of a hike down one side of the park.

Shop- 5/10. Sold milk and drinks etc and had a tourist info section.

Pool- 6/10. Decent size pool with a shady corner and a few tables etc,

BBQ area- 6/10. Camp kitchen at the end of the grassy park area that we camped on. Had a full kitchen with a big stove and sink etc etc and picnic table.

Playground- 5/10. Simple slide and climbing frame but enough to have the boys grinning.

Other- nope

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