Friday, April 17, 2009

Daly Waters Pub caravan park review

Daly Waters Pub caravan park, Daly Waters.
Stayed one night, $10 per adult. It's kinda a cross between a van park and a cheap camp but we'll call it a van park. It's certainly not aiming for ritzy! But it's a great friendly laid back stop over with great entertainment that caters for travellers. I think if you were one of the hoarde of backpackers that just call in for a beer and a photo on your bus tour through then it might seem cliched and overdone but i think you would really miss out on the real sense of the place by doing that. Staying overnight gives it a different feeling of comraderie.
Overall- 3 stars but it's hard to rate. The facilities are basic but you're probably not staying there for the facilities so...?

Location- 7/10. The town is not a whole lot of anything! LOL! But as far as location goes it's a convenient point on the highway for a stop over.

Sites- 7/10. Just a great big paddock and everyone parks parallel to the road wherever you want. There is some shade and lots of grass with a few shady thatched roof gazebo things around.

Bathrooms- 3/10. There are three tin sheds with a concrete floor that each have a toilet, basin, and shower. If you are lucky you'll get a few frogs thrown in for laughs.

Laundry- 3/10. There was one machine outside. But whose doing washing when you can go to the pub?

Shop- 5/10. There is a whole restaurant and cafe so that counts for a bit. Did not look to see if they sold stuff like bread etc.

Pool- 4/10. Decent size pool all under shade with plastic tables etc. The pool seriously needed a clean! Maybe we are suffering from Territoryitis but who cares if the pool water is looking a little cloudy? An ear infection is a small price to pay to cool off.

BBQ area- 8/10. Beer garden with someone else doing the cooking.

Playground- 3/10. A few toys in the corner of the beer garden.

Other- the pub! you could spend a couple of hours just looking at all the things previous visitors have left behind.
Don't order coffee! Seriously. Not good. (maybe have a beer instead?)

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