Thursday, April 16, 2009

Banka Banka cheap camp review

Banka Banka Station.
Stayed one night, $8 per adult. Very relaxing and pleasant camp site. Could easily stay longer if you just wanted to sit back and relax for a breather on the trip.

Considering that it is not even really tourist season up here it is amazing that all of a sudden there are caravans everywhere! There were at least 15 other vans ranging from just a couple to a family but apparently in tourist season they have about 120people each night and shut the gates mid afternoon cos they are full! I'm not surprised.

Lush green grass with not a prickle to be found! They are on a fresh water spring just 14foot under ground. The water tastes great and they make sure they keep the place nice and green. There was a bit of shade from a tree for most of the vans (well, the ones that arrived early!) and good amenities. If you are keen for a walk there is apparently a nice waterhole for swimming but it's about 2km from the camp area (closer by car down the highway i found out later).

The laundry facilites are basic but i did not even expect a washing machine and there were two and at $2 a load i can't even complain about the frogs that went along for the ride in with the clothes :)

The managers are friendly and they run a slide show each evening that is really interesting. There is a kiosk for beer and a packet of chips or a loaf of bread etc. There is no power but you can run your generator during the day.

Fill your water tank up when you leave.

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