Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 45- Tennant Creek

Well the actual town of Tennant Creek does not have a whole lot to offer.... it's not the safest town i've ever been in either. But we are staying today to do a day trip around the area to a few local spots.

But first, the unavoidable pile of washing! Then a catch up of old blog entries. Then a picnic lunch packed and off we go.

I was keen to see the Devils Pebbles. It is an indigenous dreaming site related to the Devils Marbles but the Marbles were sacred to the men, while the Pebbles were sacred to the women. Men were not allowed to walk through the land around the Pebbles unless they were escorted or asked permission otherwise they had to walk the long way around the region.
Beautiful stark country out here, but again, it's hot! LOL! You can actually smell the heat and the dust in the air in a way that i have never felt before (same as now i can smell water like i have never noticed before.) The Devils Pebbles is also a free camping area and we briefly considered it as we drove past yesterday but i am glad we did not stay there cos the heat and the dust and the flies are oppressive after a few hours. Beautiful! But beautiful in a harsh awe-inspiring way, and not a laze back by the palm fronds kind of way.

Jordy and i went for a walk around the Pebbles for a bit. Tim and Darcy just did the drive-past tour and then waited in the shade (and played in the dirt). Jordy got puffed out after half the lap so he wandered back and i followed the short track around the back of the Pebbles.
From there we went and had a look at the old Telegraph station a few kilometres on the other side of the highway. It was the original homestead when they ran the telegraph lines through. Must have been a hard living out here in those days (tell the truth i would not be so keen on living out here even now!). The station buildings have been really well maintained and preserved and as well as the largeish house and telegraph building there is also a smoke house, cellar, blacksmiths, butcher, and workers quarters. Was interesting to have a walk through it (you can just get the key from in town and wander through there yourself which i think is cool.)
And then as a break from the heat we called past Mary Someone's Dam on the way back to town. Not all that inspiring after some of the great dams we have seen recently. But there was a breeze and a park and we had our picnic while Jordy made friends (once again!) and played in the playground with the other kids.

Did not do much all afternoon. Swept the floor, washed the floor mats, folded laundry, did some more blog updates. Jordy spent the afternoon over at Mum and Dad's van and playing around the park with the cat that is here. He was feeding it bits of stick (and the stupid cat was eating the bits of stick??!!?). Jordy dragged a stick all over the van park, and i seriously mean all over... you can walk anywhere outside and you can see the criss-crossing road lines he has drawn all over the place.

At one point we had a knock on the door and a lady asked if we had a little boy called Jordan. "uuuummmm, yes?" Apparently he had been over at their van for some time playing with her son! It was all good and they were having fun cos he was about the same age but just in case we were looking for him etc etc.... Actually, we did not even know he was missing, how embarrasing! I went over for a chat after a while and they have been travelling for 7 years working all over the country.

Tim cooked dinner tonight which was lovely. Beef and vegie stew on the weber. Looks like i am in for a bad night with Darcy.... as of tomorrow he and i are back to simple simple foods in order to track down whatever else he is reacting to.


  1. I like that....Mary someones Dam. That would be very Aussie wouldn't it...lets name this dam after that woman, oh someone, that will do. haha. Your mum called it mary jane dam...i think thats a type of shoe! But I assume your both talking about Mary Ann Dam??!! LOL. Its quite funny reading both blogs now!

  2. It sounds like you're having a great trip. The photos are great!