Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 6- Gold Coast

Big day today. First thing this morning i did a 'quick' shop to get some groceries and a mini high chair for Darcy. We looked at the google map and the shop was pretty much just at the end of a main road a couple of streets away. Piece of cake. Not.

I saw the signs, saw the flag of the shopping centre, got in the right lane cos the signs were pointing right... only to have a five lane major road all turn onto a highway with 'right land must turn right' signs with one little road heading straight ahead into Westfields... crap. Not to worry, I'll just turn around. Not. I had turned onto the Gold Coast Hwy and there was no where to do a Uturn in the truck and the only turn off said it was the motorway to Brisbane (not keen on that). Anyway.... long story short it took me 40min to do a 10min drive to the shops. I think i ended up in Pacific Palms before i found my way back again cos i did not have a map. I hate the city.

But i got the groceries, and back at the park Darcy had time for his nap :)

Then a mad rush to get sandwiches and drinks packed, a change of clothes for the boys, hats, sunscreen, camera, ergo, stroller.... got the lot. Back in the truck and off to Dreamworld.

We headed straight to Wiggle World. Jordy got excited straight away with the music and brightly coloured rides and attractions. Jordy and i went on Dorothy's Rosy Tea Cup ride and then the Big Red Car ride. We saw Captain Feathersword and ran around the SS Feathersword.

Then off through Tiger Island and over to Nickelodian World which had more rides. I took Jordy and Darcy both on the Dora Aeroplane which Darcy loved. What else.... Tim and the boys ran around in a big canon ball shooting net thing. There were a couple of other rides that i thought Jordy would like but he kept getting sidetracked and we never got back to them! LOL!.

We went back to Wiggle World to have our lunch and the kids played in a Wiggly Fun Area with the plastic climbing castles and trucks and little slides etc. Jordy would have been happy to stay in there all afternoon but we dragged him out to go see what else we could find.

Had a walk through the Australian Animal section. Lots of kangaroos and Jordy asked if it was the Billabong and was Lala here :) I thought we could all go on the Rapid Ride so we walked a loooooong way to the ride only to discover the boys could not go on. I was seriously thinking about leaving them behind and going on it myself cos it was HOT! Instead we walked back to the Vintage Cars. Jordy really liked these so he had three goes around the track. It was never really busy there but by the afternoon the crowds had really thinned so there was no waiting at all for the rides which was great.

After that we walked back to Wiggle World and Tim took Jordy on Dorothy's Tea Cups again. Darcy woke up and i was about to take both kids on again but then Dorothy came out and Jordy wanted to go wave and hug her so we did that instead.
At the end of the day we bought two paddlepops and a coke and that was it. Cindy had given us a 'mates rates' ticket so we got in for half price and the boys were both free so pretty good value for a big day out. Finally we caught the train for a lap around the park which was a nice way to finish things off.

At the car park we saw the helicopter land and take off right in front of us and the passengers and pilot all waved to Jordy as they flew overhead. Bundled the kids back in the truck and Jordy was asleep before we even got out of the car park.

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