Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 5- Ballina to Gold Coast

Said our goodbyes to my grandma at lunchtime today. I hope we are able to get back for xmas or something to see her again soon. We'll miss her 90th birthday party next month which is really disappointing for us.

The trip north was a nice easy one of about 2hours. Lovely scenery. I took a photo as we drove over the hills but no chance to stop. (Excuse the photo if it is blurry. Sun is really bright here so i can't see my computer screen properly to check what the photo looks like! LOL! )

We drove past a sign to an "Historic Brewery" but cos we had an appointment this afternoon we had to keep driving. We both agree it will be the last time we drive past something when we have all the time in the world to just call in for a look.

We are staying at the Gold Coast Holiday Park which is right near Movieworld and Wet n Wild etc. Amazing location and the park is really bush-feeling. Quite surprising really. Here is the view from our site down to the river. We are down on the camping flats (with a powered site) rather than up in the caravan section. We did not care about having a slab next to the van and the extra space for the kids is great. That is Jordy in the distance in his Big Red Car and Darcy chasing along behind. :)

It took us 1hour from pulling up in the truck to having everything unfolded, beds made, awning up, shadecloth attached, table set up and bums in chairs.

Donnie from The Awning Man came out to measure up for our annexe walls. We've had really great service from them the whole way through and i would highly recommend them. They know we are travelling through and said they would get everything made asap for us... which i assumed would mean fit Monday-ish. Well they could have had them fitted for us on Friday! But we've booked in here until then so we'll get them on Saturday.

And old friend of Tim's that we have not seen since we got married called out to see us with her three beautiful girls that are all growing up far too fast. As usual Jordy was off with his new best friends and they wandered over to the other side of the park and played on the jumping pillow until dusk (by which time i was really thinking of tracking them down).

We had a quick dinner (Spaghetti Bol mince in the microwave, pasta on the stove) and then i showered the kids in the caravan shower. Tim has a migraine so he crashed which is why i did not use the amenities block and instead stuck me and both the boys in the bathroom cubicle in the van. It was surprisingly good! It was the first time i have used it. We all fit in there together and when we were done i had somewhere safe to put Darcy where usually in the amenities block i have to juggle getting us both dry and me dressed without putting him on the floor which is bloody hard! So in the future when we leave it too late to bath them in the esky outside i think i might use our own shower more often.

The kids both had big days and they went straight to sleep at about 8:30 so i am sitting having a coffee and some M&Ms in peace. aaaaahhhhhhh.

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