Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 3- Ballina

Trying to sort out our inner spring mattress problem. I have to say that the people at Jayco really are not all that helpful so far... and i'm also trying to work out why my wireless broadband needs wires.... but if they are our biggest worries at the moment then we have to say we are doing ok!

oh, i nearly forgot- my wine!!! Mum and Dad have too much weight in their van and have to offload some gear... and they had 4dozen bottles of red stored for me. So today we are re-organising and prioritising. I say the wine has to stay. Tim is not so convinced. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

But nothing much exciting going on today. Just washing and sorting and checking things out. Tim is going to get a fan to fit inside the fridge vent to help the fridge work better in high heats. It's ok here but if we get too many days pushing 40' it will struggle so we'll get it sorted out now while we have a chance.

And Darcy walked right across the loungeroom here. Did not get a chance to count the steps but i guess 15-20 steps. He went half way then stopped, bent his knees for balance, looked around and grinned, and then went again.

Dad cooked a couple of chickens in the Weber Baby-Q for dinner. I made a super easy stuffing just to see how lazy i could be and have something edible! I just sliced up some wholegrain bread, diced a tomato, added a jig of worcestershire sauce, a squirt of tomato sauce and some salt and pepper. Squished it together and stuffed it in. It was actually really nice.

Editted to add- NEWSFLASH! Jordy fetched his first beer all by himself (should i be proud or embarrased?) Tim is obviously happy :)

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