Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 15- Marlborough to Mackay

We need to get our system sorted! We were the last campers out of Marlborough. Even the other couple with two kids managed to sneak out nice and early. But then we were not in a rush and we sat around looking over the Camps book for a bit. A good trip north with Jordy going in Mum and Dad's car and Darcy sleeping the whole way. Diesel was down to 107.9 around Carmilla but unfortunately we did not need any. Back up to 117 odd once we hit Mackay. We were planning to stay at Seaforth for a few days which is 40km past Mackay... but once we got on the road and started talking we decided we had stuff we wanted to do in the town of Mackay itself and were not keen on having to backtrack that far so we thought we'd try our chances calling in to a couple of van parks and seeing what sort of prices were on offer. The council camp at Seaforth was $17 a night but without power so we decided if we could get a park in town for $22 then we'd do that.

We called out to Bucasia Beach first. She was a bit grouchy and best price was $25 and although there was a nice public park next to the van park the actual van park was a bit run down and not great feeling so we decided to try Blacks Beach and Seawinds Caravan park. There was noone in the office so we wandered in and had a sandwich and a look around while we waited. The park is right on the beach with a nice grassed area on the edge of the water and although it's not a new park it felt quite nice. The manager here offered us three nights for the price of two ($55) so it turned out about the same as the council park at Seaforth cos we've got power here and a swimming pool. Yay!

Did a complete set up today with the new annexe walls. Looks nice, and will keep the mozzies out although they are not bad here surprisingly enough (and no sandflies either).
Once we were set up we went down to the beach for a look and a swim in the rockpools. It's still stinger season so we won't go in the ocean itself until we find out what it's like. The kids had a great splash and a chase and then we came up to swim in the pool.

There are lots of coconut trees on the waters edge so Dad opened one to see if they were any good. Yummo!! Nice fresh coconut. We'll grab some more tomorrow i think.

An easy dinner of risotto. Jordy sat inside and studied his "Where's Wally?" book for nearly an hour! and then they were both in bed early again.

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