Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 13- Calliope

A busy, but uneventful morning. Went into Gladstone to do some banking and grab some fruit & vege. Took a load of washing into the laundromat. Gladstone is not what i expected. It's quite a large town but not really touristy or with that 'beach-front' feel. It's more industrial feeling for some reason. We bought a stovetop kettle so i don't have to use my saucepan to boil water.

Back to Calliope for the afternoon for a quick spot of fishing- just in time for the rain to turn up. But the blokes had a chance to go for a putt in the tinnie and have a look at the river. Darcy wanted to have a go at the fishing too! He's a strong nugget of a kid. He waved the rod around like he was casting off and thought it was great. Did not let him play for long though cos we are being a bit cautious with the possibility of crocs.
Had a yummy dinner of creamy sundried tomato and mushroom pasta with chicken. The kids went to bed rather early so we sat outside and enjoyed the cool air. We had run out of water in the van. Oops! So we put out a heap of buckets to catch the rain and they filled pretty quickly. I decided i'd stick some water on the stove to heat up to do some washing up and so went outside and dunked my kettle in one of the buckets. I got to talking again and the water was boiling when i went to check so i figured while i waited for it to cool down i'd make myself a coffee. Which sounds fine. Added milk, coffee, sugar, water from the kettle..... took a big mouthful. Bleugh!!!! It was the foulest, saltiest, most disgusting coffee with grainy bits that no amount of spitting and spluttering could get out of my mouth. When asked what was wrong i told the others that the rain water was totally foul. Tim asked what bucket i got it from. The white one right there.... "The one with the river water in it with the prawns and bait fish?" uuummmmm....... yeah. I guess it was. Bleugh.


  1. My God look at Darcy with Grandma - he is getting so big, he is going to be talking by the time I see him next

  2. Sorry Chelle, buts thats the funniest story ever!!! Tim text me and told me about it that night but it was even funnier to hear your side! hahaha, thanks for the laughs!
    Love Al

  3. LMAO! Hilarious about the coffee. Now Tim should of taken photos of that!
    Love reading your stories, keep it up... KAZ :)