Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 11- Caboolture to Gayndah

Got away nice and early this morning, well, early for us. We taped up the bed ends to prevent leaks and left Caboolture at 9:30am. Drove through the rain to Gympie 120km and stopped at Chatsworth Park at 11:15 for lunch. It was still drizzling but the park had a couple of good sheltered picnic tables. It's also an overnight camp and would be quite a nice one.

Jordy found a furry caterpillar (just like in his Beak and Bamboo book!) that he played with for ages until Darcy joined in and squashed it in 3seconds flat. :( Ate our sandwiches, fed the birds, and then back in the truck at 12:15.

Once we got to the range the rain stopped. Lovely countryside, and i think we all started to relax a little once we left the highway and the rain behind.

Headed to Gayndah (orange growing country!) to check out a couple of free overnight camps. Zonhovan park was right on the main road and would be good for a day stop but we kept going to Claude Wharton Weir which is really lovely. There is only one other van here and several undercover picnic tables, little BBQs, toilets, bins etc and it's right on the water. Arrived at 2:45pm so did the 157km (partly over the range) in 2hours30min.

Did not bother to unhitch or put the awning up for just one night so it only took us 30min to set up. Bit jealous of Mum and Dad with their regular style caravan who can pull up and open the door and they are done! But until we upgrade to a 5th wheeler (LOL!) the expanda is the only van layout that suits us.

Tim unpacked the fishing gear and finally got his first chance at a fish. Jordy went along to help and sat on the end of the boat ramp yelling "Fish!! I'm waiting, fish!" He lost interest after 15minutes so no fish for dinner tonight.
Darcy had to play in the portacot while we were doing stuff cos there are lots of ants and he eats the dirt.

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  1. Glad you got through the rain.

    Still waiting for some pub reviews - don't tell me you haven't found a pub Tim!!!!