Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 10- Caboolture

Another busy day and another day of worry about the weather. We drove back into North Brisbane to catch up with friends and to pick up our new inner spring mattresses. I had looked at the map and the directions looked really simple especially seeing as we were just in the suburb around the corner the other day so we did not pack the laptop..... but things are never that simple. We drove around a bit and went the wrong way a couple of times and eventually ended up in the right place. From now on when we don't have a map i am going to write down the directions!!! and insist that Tim have a look at where we are going.

It was great to catch up with the lovely women from IP and the kids all had a ball playing in the playground. I managed to share around some of the cloth nappies and woolies that i did not put in storage and Darcy's highchair that we packed but discovered took up too much room. Now i just have to wait to see what photos Aleza snapped for us :)

It would have been nice to stay longer but we had to head off to get our mattresses from Made To Measure Mattresses... i was a bit worried about how they would fit after the mess with Jayco but they fit perfectly and are actually even more comfortable. They are in two parts and we'll have to take them out of the bed ends to travel but it's worth it for the comfort.

Back to Caboolture to start the pack up. It had been raining steadily all day so we had a wet pack up. One of the down sides of the expanda ends i suppose. Tim and Dad ducked into the 12volt shop to grab a fan and step for the van while Mum and i tried to plan the next leg of our journey. Difficult to know where to go with the cylone and the rain along the coast.... ??

Had a roast chicken in the Weber BBQ and jacket potatos in the microwave. Sat up til far too late playing on the computer looking at travel distances and chatting to the Marshalls who are further up north.

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