Saturday, January 17, 2009

more little modifications

Today Tim and some mates lifted the suspension on the van (actually i think the mates did most the actual work and Tim fetched tools). It's now super high!!! Looks odd but will be helpful in getting us into some slightly more off-road type locations. We are going to need a step (or two) to get into the van now though.

What else... he had some roll bars made for the back of the truck which we can use to make a canopy for the front half of the tray (for our washing machine and lounge to go!). He also connected up the gas lines on the bottles so that both are connected at the same time. We got a hose with a metal braid through it so there's less chance of stone damage.

We had a look at a Quintrex boat. It's probably a good bargain but it's more than i had imagined we'd be spending on a tinnie. So we have a few other priorities first and if the boat is still there in a few weeks we'll see what happens.

We had Garage Sale II at mum and dad's house. Sold some more bits and pieces. Now pretty much everything else that is left will be given away or thrown away.

I've ordered a few bits online for me and the kids. A summer weight sleeping bag for Darcy. A Lunette cup for me. A bed liner in case of night or nap time accidents! A matching pee pee pad car seat cover that is not really for either of them in particular but might be handy for Darcy for TTing in the future. Some OneWet NooneeWilga pants for Darcy.

I'm getting some quotes on annexe walls. I like the look of the Kakadu All Seasons ones but we'll have to see how the pricing comes out. They would give us some nice extra living areas. You can't see the photos online but even in addition to the actual annexe you can lift the window covers on the long side and on both short ends up and use tent poles to erect the canvas to form another awning area.

And i'm chasing up a little washing machine. I think we'll get the Lemair (like most other caravanners!) and i can get one from The Good Guys for $350 but apparently you can buy them direct from Lemair in Sydney..?? You used to be able to anyway so i'm waiting til Monday to check on that.

Contacts for our house are supposed to be exchanged soon and it will be going though with a super quick 28day settlement! wow! So the next few days will be spent getting rid of the piles of storage stuff and rubbish in the garage and working out the best way to store stuff in the van.

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