Sunday, January 11, 2009

additions and repairs

we bought a 12volt LCD tv for the van yesterday from Bing Lee for just under $600. It's a 22inch high definition flatscreen sort of one with a built in DVD that also takes your SD cards for photos etc. We chose the biggest screen available for the space we had on the wall! LOL! Looks good.

Tim spent the day repairing the flyscreens on the windows. Bugger of a job but it's coming along well.

The latex mattresses from the Bedding Co in town are near on $1,300 each! wow. They feel lovely to lay on but we are going to see if we can find something for a better price. I've sent an email to Made To Measure Mattresses and i'll see what they can do.

I really need to get some replacement parts for the back clips of the drawers. Tim found a DIY caravan repair shop online with lots of bits which will come in handy but i can't see the drawer clips.... off to the Jayco dealer in town i guess.

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