Thursday, January 15, 2009

more van maintenance and add-ons

Tim replaced all the water lines yesterday. They were disgusting!!!! We had intended to get some of the sanitising tablets to clean up the water tanks but they were full of sludge. So we are getting a price to get some stainless steel ones made instead and replacing them. Much nicer. I don't think the previous owners ever cleaned them??

Have not heard back from Made To Measure Mattresses... will have to call them. Or maybe head into the local Clark Rubber and see if they have latex overlays.

We lost the sink plug yesterday and it took us half and hour to find it... must buy spares!

Tim got a great deal on two batteries. We got the better AGM (absorbant glass mat) batteries instead of the gell cells. 100amp hour ones i think. Tim got them for $320 through a mate! YAY! Massive discount. So with fully charged batteries we should be ok to run the microwave, lights and important stuff for a few days without power. We'll get solar put on once we get up north and can head in to an actual shop-front that specialises in solar.

And we bought a Weber Q200 baby bbq. The van does not have an oven (just a cooktop, grill, and microwave) so this should set us up for lots of meal options.

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