Sunday, January 18, 2009

cooking in the van

i've been trying out new recipes and ways to cook in the caravan without an oven. One challenge is finding easy ways to do vegetarian meals for me and meat for Tim in a confined space and without using 60 different pots!

I'm really amazed at how easy and nice microwave meals are. We've always steamed our vegies in the microwave but i've never cooked mince or chicken or real main meals in it. Or done anything special with potatoes etc. But i've discovered sliced potatoes in the microwave are sooooo much nicer (and quicker) than boiled/mashed potatoes. And with a few practice goes i'm learning ways to adapt meals i am already familiar with to suit the microwave.

I'm in the process of creating my own cookbook with recipes using a combination of the main ingredients that we will always have on hand that are practical with our microwave/stove/bbq combination. And even more importantly recipes that i can adapt to suit when fresh vegies are low!

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