Saturday, January 10, 2009

out of the house

We moved out of home a couple of days ago in preparation for selling the house. We are staying in a big work shed (it's sort of like a mate's work shed) but we have showers and toilets and can use the power etc so it's all great. And there is room for Jordy to play- although there is no grass :(

But the open house went really well. We've had a few offers already so now we just have to wait and see if we can get what we are asking and how soon we can settle.
Here is an 'after' shot of the house all nice and clean. (cleaner than it has ever before been!!! LOL!)
We have sooooooo much to do to the van to get ready. Now that we have the house as sorted as we can for the time being we can now focus on getting our rig set up.

And here is Darcy trying to escape from the van already. Little Adventure Boy can reach the handle and open it so we have to keep the door locked even when we are in the van!

We bought a nice little 22inch flat screen yesterday so i can now catch up on the news- i have not had time to see what is happening in the world for a couple of weeks. And we went and had a look at latex bed mattresses this afternoon. The foam mattresses we have in the van are ok for a long weekend but no way we could put up with them for longer than that. Next we have to get the annexe sorted.

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