Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 28- Lake Tinaroo

The guys were straight out to check the traps this morning; about a half dozen or so more red-claws. We don’t have the whole place to ourselves anymore with quite a few more campers and boats turning up for the weekend.

Headed out again today. Went for a drive through Atherton to grab some groceries, and fruit and vege, and then off to Mareeba and Coffee Works. We had debated about going as it was $19 each for admission but we got a $5 off voucher from the tourist information centre and it sounded like you got to taste a lot of different things so we thought we’d give it a go. Good move!!! Great set up. We did not arrive until around midday and you would have thought that gave us plenty of time but you could seriously spend all day there. Apart from the 21 coffees to sample and 12 chocolates and 4 teas and 3 liqueurs, there is also a huge museum with great historical info and those individual audio tour sets where you can go around and get info on any piece that you find interesting. We only saw half the museum and even the non-coffee drinkers enjoyed it. Despite trying really hard I think I only managed to sample half the coffees on offer and only one tea and we did not leave until just before 4pm. You know you have had enough coffee and chocolate when the heavenly scent of fresh roasted beans makes you feel nauseous!

But we bought some for later from the gift shop (and filled a little sample cup of the free ones to take home too!). Incredibly enough you can ask for a free return pass that gives you free entry for a whole month! So, big tip, if you are holidaying in the area go there first and then you can go again and again and again whenever you feel the need for a coffee or chocolate fix.

We stopped to have a look at the dam wall at the entrance to Lake Tinaroo. The dam is at capacity at the moment so there is a lot of water over the spillway. Back at camp there are even more campers and ski boats here. Looks like we chose a good time to leave cos they are hooning and screaming all over the lake and have their music blaring.

A totally unorganized dinner tonight but a big feed of red-claw and sausages and vegies. Now that we have figured out how to catch them we are looking forward to the next river/lake that we can try our luck at. But Tim will have to wait a while longer before he catches a fish (let alone a barra.)

I think Tinaroo has been a definite highlight for us all. No one specific thing but just a combination of all the great things to do in the tablelands area combined with the relaxing and beautiful campground here. Freedom for the kids and sitting around a campfire and fishing and sightseeing…. Does not get much better than this!

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