Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 29- Lake Tinaroo to Undara

Left the Atherton Tablelands behind and headed to the outback and the Undarra Lava Tubes. We finally have internet reception and power! so i have lots of catching up to do. I'll do today's update if i don't fall asleep first....

I went to bed! But i am now back....
The skiers had their music blaring at 6:45am! So everyone was up and awake and starting the packup nice and early, and we were on the road at 10:30. Which was pretty good seeing as we had been there for so long and everything was out.

Was mostly a good trip back through the Tablelands except for me missing a turn and Tim and I going on a bit of a zig zag route through to Millaa Millaa. We had talked about stopping at Ravenshoe pub for lunch cos the blog is rather short on CRAP reviews and Ravenshoe has the highest pub in Queensland, but it was early and he wanted to push on through while the kids were asleep.

Jordy was traveling with Mum and Dad and when we drove past Windy Hill Wind Farm they drove up to the viewing area and had a look. From there down the other side of the range the scenery changed immediately from the tropical rainforest to grassland savannah. We even had big mud termite mounds. We are officially in the outback.
Undara is seriously in the middle of nowhere. When I phoned to book a couple of days ago I mentioned the brochure we had that said van sites were $12 a person (valid to April 2009) and the lady said ok even though that was not their usual price. But when we got here the owner or someone had apparently said no, it was $30 a site so I was not all that impressed seeing as once we were here we had no options. Anyway, you get that. The caravan park is really unusual and not at all like a caravan park- it’s more like bush camping. I have to keep reminding myself we have power instead of using the gas stove to boil water etc. The first thing we did after unpacking the van was head to the laundry with three big baskets of washing! Dodgy arse old machines! Mum’s was full of bugs and old detergent and when we did a rinse cycle to clean it three frogs jumped out…?? Does no one else here do washing??

We had a quick swim while we waited for the laundry to finish. Lovely cool water! And then into the shower and dinner routine for the kids. They were both tired and grumpy so Tim cooked dinner while I wrangled with the boys. Roast pork and vegies. I updated the blog for the last few days worth of stuff and Tim sat outside with Mum and Dad and listened to the footy on the radio.

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