Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 25- Lake Tinaroo

Finally a lazy day of hanging around the camp just relaxing. Tim, Dad, Jordy and I went out sort of early in the tinnie to check the crab traps. Nothing! Oh, nothing except a little fat fish; live bait! But no red-claws which was disappointing but not surprising seeing as we know nothing about catching them. Nice out on the lake though. There are heaps of old dead tree skeletons that dot some inlets and sections of the lake and we managed to drive up over one. Some screeching and leaning and jiggling in the boat to get off it. You can water ski all over the lake and I know I sure as heck would not want to come across one of the submerged trees.

We had tried half-cooked potato in the traps but had also heard that cat or dog food was good so we came back to camp to try a couple with little pierced tins of cat food. Who knows!

Later on Tim and Dad headed back over to the main village of Tinaroo on the other side of the lake so Dad could get his fishing license (they forgot on the way through). It’s a much much quicker trip by boat than it is to drive around the lake. Really choppy over that side apparently even though it is lovely and calm over in our bay.

While they were gone we fed a kookaburra and watched the birds. Saw a trail of furry (stinging) caterpillars that I moved out of the way so the kids would not get stung. Jordy and I did a heap of colouring in and some activities in his colour/activity book.

The blokes had a chat to the people over at the shop and apparently the red-claw like much deeper water than where we had been putting the traps and potato is the way to go, so they moved the traps again on their way back to camp.

And the barramundi are biting on worms. So they got out some spades and dug up a feast of worms from the waters edge before Dad, Tim and Jordy headed out in the tinnie for some serious barra fishing. Jordy had a ball out there but noone caught anything. Jordy was convinced the worms were his friends and he carried them around for hours. Ergh.

We got the little washing machine off the truck and did a load of washing (the only thing that we ever need a town for really, but out here there is no one else anywhere around so we can run the generator.)

Mum, Jordy, and I drove out to the walks around Lake Euramoo and The Chimneys. It was a nice stroll and interesting to see but nothing earth-shattering. Managed to find a spot of mobile/internet reception on the hill at the entrance to our camp at Fong On Bay so we could extend our National Parks booking. Then quickly back to camp to bath the boys and get dinner on; a simple meat loaf on the weber and a damper in the campfire. The damper was rather black on the bottom and gooey on the inside- better luck next time.

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  1. sounds like the boys are having a ball - if you have any left over pictures from Jordy, LaLa would love them