Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 204- Adelaide

Decided to head into the city for the day. The bus stops right out the front here so we figured it would be easier to catch that rather than drive and have to find a park. Funnily enough the kids really enjoyed the bus ride. Darcy was hilarious- every time it stopped at a bus stop Darcy would day (and sign) 'finished'... and then we'd start moving again and he'd say 'more', he did it every single stop (and there were a LOT of stops!)
The city was really nice. Had a nice feel to it. Not country-town like Darwin by any means but not as crazy bleugh city-fied as Sydney. Went for a wander through the mall area and then headed for the food court! LOL! We couldn't sit for long cos Jordy was keen to get to the museum. :) On the way we stumbled across some neat street sculpture, including some pigs. The sign for pig is to push the tip of your nose up with one finger... this is Darcy signing 'pig' except he has to stick his finger right UP his nose when he does it. So funny to watch.
The museum was quite good and we spent a few hours wandering around there. Had a great display of animals from around the world that was surprisingly interesting! From there we had another bit of a wander through the shops.

Stumbled across a street performing magician that was funny to watch so we joined the crowd and watched his show.

Found a Borders bookstore. I could have spent all day there! It was one of those massive ones with a Gloria Jeans inside like down in Sydney where i have spent many many many a great day. Only enough time for a quick browse before Jordy was off wanting a donut. So back to the food court for a delicious afternoon tea before heading home.

Tim and Jordy discovered a frisbee while playing in a toy store so as soon as we got back the boys had a throw and kicked a ball around for a bit before dinner.
So it sounds rather boring but it was actually a nice low-key laid back kinda day.

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  1. Hope the weather didnt knowck you round much today.If you are still in adelaide and looking for something inexpensive to do Tandanya in the city is a great place...also the central market and china town is pretty good.