Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 198- Port Germein to Kapunda

Had a stroll along the jetty at Port Germein this morning. The longest wooden jetty in Australia! It was really long.

Then time for a lovely leisurely drive through the Clare Valley. The landscape finally changed from dry saltbush to green valleys!! yay!!! We all loved the experience of the territory and the desert has an appeal in its own way, but to be back to green hills and valleys is such a relief!

I know Mum took some photos as we were driving through vine covered hills and fields of bright yellow canola (or something pretty!) but the only shot i got was this dodgy-arse one that does nothing for the beauty of the area. Sorry! I wondered a few times if the farmers would mind if i sent the kids into the flower covered hills to run and frolic so i could take a photo... but i decided they might have issues so we just kept driving.
The towns are gorgeous. Old stone buildings and tree lined streets. Everything seems built with stone here. Almost every field has an old crumbling barn or cottage from generations ago sitting on a hill. Lovely to look at.

We debated doing some wine tasting but to be honest we don't need more wine!! And i still have a cold and am totally not in the mood to taste wine so we did not bother.

Arrived nice and early at Kapunda which is on the edge of the boundary between the Clare and the Barossa Valleys. They had a medieval festival and a bit of a market on in town so made a quick camp and then wandered off for a look. It's really cold and windy and just bloody chilling here! If you can manage to get out of the wind it's ok, but jeepers! the wind just aches to the bone. This poor medieval guy had a hell of a time keeping his flag pole under control and i was worried he'd blow away! There was apparently an archery display on later in the afternoon but we did not stay for it. I can't imagine how anyone could shoot any kind of target with the wind howling the way it is.
There was a rather excellant playground on the walk home and the kids stopped for a big play before we came back to the van and did blog updates and hid from the wind. Tim finally managed to catch a footy game that evening!

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