Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wal's Camp review

Wal's Camp, Cloncurry.

Stayed 1 night. $10 a night for the site for up to 2 people. Kids (not infants) are an extra $2 a night. I think that if you had to pay more than $10 a night it would be getting close to not being worth it during hot weather. A bit cooler and probably not so bad. And if there were a bunch of other travellers there to chat with around the (basic) camp kitchen then it might have more atmosphere.

For a cheap camp it is pretty good but if you want grassed areas and decent shade then head to a van park. There are a number of thin trees that do give some shade, and the camp kitchen area has a nice shaded roof area so there is certainly shade but i think the gravel of the camp just radiates heat and we were there on a stinking hot day.

There is a fire place and a couple of picnic tables. (note that the fridge in the picture does not work! It's just a cupboard). Big troughs you can use to wash up in if you cart the water. You can run your own generator for power or if you stay a full week you can pay extra for power.

The toilets and showers are pretty decent. They are in a converted shipping container but are nice and clean with ample space.

In all honesty i would probably choose a van park next time but i think the extra advantage of power and grass and a pool for the kids makes the difference for us.

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