Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 41- Mount Isa

I am going to bore you again today with nothing interesting. Slow and lazy morning. Tim did an oil and filter change on the truck. I cleaned out some of the cupboards in the van that seem to be accumulating junk. Jordy cut paper with scissors and made snowflakes, and played with a balloon (short lived with the prickles in the grass!).
Darcy walked around collecting sticks (one of his favourite things to do) and played in the dirt (another favourite), and ate lots of food (his absolutely most favourite thing!). Later on in the morning Jordy and i went into the tourist info centre to have a look at The Isa Experience which is pretty much a museum and gallery. Mum and Dad went to the Underground Hospital (built by volunteers during WWII after Darwin was bombed in case Isa came under threat), and Tim and Darcy stayed adn did some work at the van.

Jordy and i had a great time at the museum. I kept trying to read and look at something and Jordy would yell "Look! Come here and look, Mum!" and drag me on to the next thing he had discovered. He especially liked the old telephone exchange desk with all the buttons. Mum and Dad said the hospital was interesting and good to see but there was not all that much to look at. They were finished and back to pick me up and we were only half way through the museum. They lucked out and were able to duck in and join me without having to pay so that was good.

We got back to the van and Darcy was giving Tim a hand being a big help working hard to install a fan at the back of the fridge. Darcy could not get the wiring quite right though and even after a couple of goes it was still not working. The fan motor died so we'll have to get another one next town we get to.

We talked about going out to Moondarra dam this afternoon before it gets too busy with holiday people tomorrow but we wanted to get one of Darcy's vaccinations done and appointments were limited so i did that instead.

And i wanted to go up to the lookout at dusk this afternoon (apparently the best time to see it) but dusk sucks as a time to do anything except bath and feed the kids so that did not happen either. I'll try for sunrise in the morning or give dusk another go tomorrow.

After dinner (homemade pizzas which were a big hit all round) Jordy took the torch and wandered off in the dark around the park area. Tim watched for a bit and then went over and asked what he was up to. "Lookin for frogs" apparently. We suspect that Dad must have shown him the cane toads cos when Tim pointed one out the first thing he did was stomp on it. Then he stomped again and again! Poor (disgusting) thing was only half dead so Tim showed him how to squish it properly. Now i would have thought that squishing a frog would upset him cos he loves animals and is forever telling me that the ants or spiders etc are his friends... but, no. He happily yelled "look, his bum's all red!". And then the two were off spot-lighting looking for more to stomp on. They got more than a dozen. I'll admit i don't really like the cane toads. I saw one for the first time ever at Innisfail and they give me the creaps. I like a nice pretty green frog any day.
It is now 9:30 and Jordy is still outside spotting toads with his Grandma! He had a nap today (i hate that!) and he is powering through.

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  1. Man that is just so wrong - I can't believe you let him stomp toads