Monday, March 30, 2009

Undara Experience park review

Undara Experience.
Stayed two nights. $30 a night. Rather expensive for the facilities but the park is unique so I guess you are paying for the atmosphere of it. LOL! Was a great bush camp and would be nice to stay longer to do more bushwalks.
Overall- 3+half stars.

Location- 7/10. Nothing at all out here except the Lava Tubes and related bushwalks but you would not be here unless you were going to visit them.

Sites- 7/10. Bush camping at its best. Power and water and amenities a bit of a hike away but it feels like you are all by yourself in the middle of the bush. They also have permanent tents and cabins and old train carriages that have been turned into little ensuite rooms.

Bathrooms- 5/10. One block has really small cubicles but there is another that has regular sized ones. They are partly made out of old train cabins or big tin sheds. If you were offered facilities like the ones here in the middle of town you might complain but they are great for out here.

Laundry- 3/10. Only two machines and more than just us waiting to wash. And I think the machines were made back in the 60s! On the up side they were only $2 a load. No lines so we had to bring them back to camp and string out a rope.

Shop- 6/10. Had a little convenience store at reception of the bits you forget. And an icecream fridge. Also had a hue souvenir shop. VERY pricey though. Also sold petrol and their diesel was $1.60!

Pool- 7/10. Lovely rockpool themed pool with a little waterfall and a toddlers pool. Refreshingly cool! Nice.

BBQ area- 8/10. Several BBQ areas and bush camps with open fires. They also have a communal fireplace where you can gather for a chat and a story but we did not go. I think it is mostly only on during the main tourist season.

Playground- none, but you don’t need it out here.

Other- Lots of marked walking trails that leave from the park.

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  1. Any pics of the old train carriages? You cant tell us about this cool stuff and then not show us! haha