Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 1- Coffs Harbour

We are only doing short trips to make it easier on the boys (and so easier on us) so we only went as far as Coffs Harbour today. We are only staying one night but now that i have seen the caravan park i wish we were staying longer- Split Solitary Beach Holiday Park- It's bloody beautiful! We are right on the beach. And i mean RIGHT on the beach. There is a wall of trees so it's totally safe for the kids but i would be surprised if we were more than 100m from the beach.
Took us a while to get the van sorted cos we just threw stuff in there this morning and had piles and boxes and baskets of stuff to sort through (some how i ended up with six clothes baskets!!) but we made time for a swim in the pool, a quick play in the park and, after dinner, we wandered down to look at the beach.

Here's my first go at a slower shutter speed (only hand held) to get some water motion. Upped the ISO to help out cos it was on dusk. Did some noise reduction in Photoshop but will admit i just took a guess at how to do that! I'll have to read up on it when i get a chance.
Sapphire Beach, Coffs Harbour.

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