Thursday, January 22, 2009

choosing a camera

i love taking photos and i think i got a few good ones on our holiday to Europe a few years back. But they are just point and shoot photos on a compact digital. I'd really like to improve my skills and get into photograpy a bit more. Our lifestyle over the next couple of years will certainly lend itself to a new hobby.

So i am looking for a new camera. So far the contenders are the Nikon D60 and the Sony A300. i think i am leaning towards the Sony....

They also have a neat little GPS gadget that you can use to date/time match you photos on your PC and load it onto a google map so that you can record exactly where an image was taken... if it was not $250 i would be totally sold. :(

Now it is just hard to resist the tempation to get a tripod, and a cool camera backpack, and maybe some nice lenses....

1 comment:

  1. Ahh my mother (who sold up and left to travel Australia before Christmas) bought the Sony and loves it.

    We owned a Nikon D60, and I think it's a great DSLR for travelling.

    x Kathy